The 11th Online Weihai International Food Exposition

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Weihai International Food Exposition is established in 2010. Co-hosted by the Department of Commerce of Shandong Province, the Qingdao Customs and the People’s Government of Weihai City. Aiming to promote the food safety of exported agricultural products, boost the products exported to Japan, Korea, Northeast Asia and even the whole world. Which has already become a distinguished exhibition and trade platform for food industry. In 2020, the 11th Online Weihai International Food Exposition will open from 24th to 27th, July, we hope that you can grasp the market opportunity and share the grand occasion with industry colleagues.

Our online Food Expo provide a one-Stop Quality food Sourcing Platform. There are nearly 600 large and professional manufacturers, some of them have more than 30 years of expertise in the food Industry, and others even have ocean ranch and huge farms. Because Weihai is a commercial port and major fishing center, and also a key production area for peanuts and fruit, so our exhibitors could offer competitive prices and high-quality products.

This year, due to COVID-19, our online Food Expo is free for everyone worldwide, so you could register to become a buyer, enjoy your sourcing journey, and use discount coupon to get sample products. And also, we provide translator online if you need. So please finish pre-registration first, and then sending me your account name to get your coupon. Welcome to our Online Food Expo, see you on 24th, July 9, 2020.

Weihai International Food Exposition

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What Are People Saying

Huge, well managed

Huge, well managed, and convenient to reach. I have been there several times and I feel the most attractive thing is its wide selection of products. 

Emily, W

From Korea


Excellent support from the organizers and the event always delivers high caliber leads.  I will definitely attend it again.

Jonathan, L

From England

Products & Solutions

Weihai is Capital City of Oyster in China, and other marine industry
includes sea cucumber breeding, food processing, ocean fishing, marine biological medicine and health care. It has adopted the mode of multiplication and conservation to carry out ecological cultivation of sea cucumber, oyster, Kelp, fish, shrimp, crab and shellfish and other aquatic products, sea Cucumber is the main breed. It has established the whole industry chain management system of breeding and breeding, cultivating, fishing, researching, testing, processing and selling in China. Some leading company pass through the ISO9000 International Quality System Certification, Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Registration, the United States FDA certification, exports to Japan inspection-free products.Our attendees offer a wide range of 
seafood products(Incluing: kelp;sea cucumber; abalon;Spanish mackerel;Squid;  Canned seafood ; Fish sauce;Frozen seafood;Shrimp paste), Agricultural products(Incluing: American Ginseng root; Bee products; fish oil capsule; Honey products; Peanut oil; Peanut products; Tea; Fig), Snack foods(Incluing: Dried figs; peanuts; canned apple; Puffed foods), and Food equipment and packaging(Incluing: Food machinery; Packaging machinery; Food additives)- to meet all tastes, all types of meals and all your producing needs. 

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The neighbor of Korea and Japan. So you could take all the advantages of main ports.

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24th to 27th, July 2020

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